Cost of legal services
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Cost of legal services

Name of servicePrice (EUR)
1. Drafting of legally relevant documents
Debt collectionfrom 24% to 32% of amount recovered
Preparation of claimfrom 40,00 to 65,00
Drawing up of an application instituting an order proceedingfrom 60,00 to 85,00
Making an application to obtain a notary’s executive inscription70
Drawing up a statement of claimfrom 70,00 to 90,00
Making a claim + applications for initiation of order proceedings (statement of claim)from 80,00 to 110,00
Preparation of a creditor’s claim against a debtor in liquidation or bankruptcyfrom 40,00 to 60,00
Preparation of an application for commencement of enforcement proceedingsfrom 35,00 to 50,00
Drawing up a petition for the application of enforcement measuresfrom 60,00 to 80,00
Making a request for executionfrom 60,00 to 80,00
Appeal against actions (omissions) or orders of the bailifffrom 60,00 to 80,00
Participation (control) of the judicial officer in the execution of actionsfrom 100,00
Preparation of creditor application for economic insolvency of the debtorfrom 90,00 to 120,00
Protection of creditors in bankruptcy1000,00 + from 20% to 50% of amount recovered
2. Development and review of contracts
Expertise and correction of the contractfrom 80,00 to 120,00
Drawing up a contract in response to the Client’s requestfrom 90,00 to 150,00
3. Preparation of petitions, complaintsfrom 80,00 to 120,00
4. Registration of legal entities
Preparation of documents for the state registration of legal entitiesfrom 150,00
Preparation of documents for state registration of sole proprietorfrom 80,00
5. Legal advice, for 1 hour 80