Checking counterparties in Belarus at an inexpensive price
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Verifying the counterparties

Verifying the counterparties

Commercial relationship based on a transaction between partners or counterparties. When a company contracts a product or service, it always takes a certain risk. Sometimes advance payments have already been made and the supplier has failed to meet obligations for various reasons. How can one not be held hostage to such a situation? Can one learn beforehand the prerequisites for such a scenario? To answer these questions requires a comprehensive examination of the counterparty and its assessment of a number of indicators. Verification should always take place before signing the treaty, if a conflict arises and a party refuses to fulfil its obligations, and other measures are already required.

How do I check who’s involved?
Many companies in Belarus have already faced unfair partners. Conflicts over debts arise because counterparty checks have been superficial or non-existent. As a rule, enterprise managers trust the party to the transaction or rely on the advice of acquaintances. It is not uncommon for a signed cooperation agreement to be limited to checking the identity of the counterparty on the Internet.
Often the network contains unreliable information, leading to a misjudgement of the reliability of the partner and the subsequent conclusion of contracts not just with unknown companies in the market, but with outright fraudsters. The services of a legal company in verifying legal entities in the Republic of Belarus against this background are an important necessity. Lawyers are responsible for providing information on the counterparty that is lawfully obtained from verified sources. The following are ways to make sure your partner is reliable:
• request from the counterparty a copy of the Company Charter and Certificate of Incorporation, Power of Attorney;
• check the existence of tax and wage arrears;
• verify the existence of relevant enforcement proceedings against the counterparty and feel free to seek clarification, including from the potential counterparty;
• request a copy of the balance sheet, special attention should be paid to three factors: the enterprise’s current liquidity ratio (K1), the enterprise’s own revolving capital ratio (K2) and the enterprise’s asset ratio (K3).

Cooperate with professionals

We invite representatives of companies in Belarus and other countries to use our service «verification of the counterparty in Belarus», for this purpose our company owns the necessary tools, methodology and its own extensive base of debtors
which are used effectively by our specialists to check and assess the reliability of legal entities of the Republic of Belarus. We are proud of our impeccable reputation in the legal services market, so we offer our clients a high level of legal assistance:
• Our specialists have professional experience in the posts of bailiffs and heads of departments of Enforcement;
• Choose a specialist on the recommendations of our clients. Many of them have become regular Clients of our company and have concluded subscription service contracts.
In a highly competitive environment, one should not trust counterparty testing only on the Internet and intuition. Contact lawyers who will assess the reliability of the counterparty on the basis of legal documents, debtors' own databases and information from their own sources. Protect yourself from future losses with the help of legal professionals.

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