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Development and review of contracts

Development and review of contracts

Commercial and social connections between people have always been based on the ability to negotiate on certain terms. Over time, a contract has emerged - the basis of the legal relationship between citizens and companies. A legally sound document helps to avoid financial, temporary and moral losses when conflicts arise.
In practice, companies ignore legal services, decide to draw up a contract by downloading a form from the Internet. Often negotiate in words, counting on the integrity of the counterparty. When problems arise, lawyers have to unravel commercial and personal relationships. Without a treaty, it can be difficult and sometimes impossible.

The internet Contract: Risks
Templates are designed for standard situations and only in some cases guarantee the parties' performance. Such instruments cannot take into account the nuances of each legal agreement. Only a practicing lawyer can know about them and help write a contract. Otherwise, the parties are exposed to great risks:
• the court may declare a contract not concluded/null and void where there is a legal error;
• If the obligations of the parties are not fully defined, the judicial authority cannot compel the respondent to comply with them. The claimant will suffer damages due to the absence of important paragraphs in the contract;
• Irregularities in documentation may result in additional costs. For example, if financial details of the transaction were not considered.
The desire to draw up a contract with the participation of a representative of a law firm speaks of the company’s status, its ability to work honestly with partners and its desire to be completely safe from unforeseen situations. In the face of fierce competition, legal accompaniment is an important quality of the business.

Types and features of treaties
Our lawyers work with all types of agreements, including providing services to foreign firms operating in Belarus. We are well aware of labour and financial law, the nuances of commercial relations, the conclusion of agreements on the sale and lease of real estate and the sale of goods and services. We help to write an agreement concerning foreign trade obligations, we work in all spheres of economic and social activity of man.

Foreign trade contract
Foreign economic activity is mainly limited to buying and selling, supplying. When preparing a contract it is important:
• to choose the legal system and jurisdiction, bearing in mind that the same issues are dealt with in different ways in the law of different countries;
• define language: agreements are usually bilingual, but language differences are sometimes so significant that a reference language is required;
• specify the currency of the price and the currency of settlement by currency law;
• clearly define the nuances of the transaction, usually based on INCOTERMS trade terms;
• provide for liability for failure to complete foreign trade. Failure to comply with them is punishable by a fine of up to 2% of the amount of the outstanding foreign trade transaction for each day of delay;
• specify in detail and unambiguously the responsibility of the parties.
The foreign trade agreement is drawn up on the basis of the legislative framework.

Purchase, sale and services
In services and sales, the legal agreement is the guarantee of the fulfilment of obligations on the timely delivery and quality of the goods. As a rule, legal entities and Individual Entrepreneurs conclude contracts for the provision of services and goods. The document takes into account the subject matter of the transaction, the substantive terms of supply or supply of services, the consequences of unilateral rejection of the transaction and other.

Entering into financial contracts: a broad area of activity are futures and options, interest rate agreements, trading in shares, securities. Credit transactions also require attention, check payment terms, validly charge interest, fines and much more.

Intellectual activity
Preparation of documents in the field of intellectual activity provides for the drawing up of a copyright contract, which necessarily takes into account the time of preparation of the work and its characteristics. The licence contract determines the legal transfer of the intellectual property right to the owner. The contract of alienation governs the sale of rights in the work.

Contract examination
Our company invites Clients to check the contract, including in the editorial office of the counterparties on all points:
• Existence of substantial conditions for the parties;
• Absence of paragraphs contrary to Belarusian law;
• Absence of conditions violating the rights of third parties;
• Inclusion in the contract of documents confirming the right of citizens to perform a transaction;
• verification of signatory credentials;
• Examining the legal basis for the contract;
• Examining the scope of obligations of signatories, avoiding excessive obligations.
It is also up to the lawyer to read the text for errors and clarity of language.

Cooperate with professionals

We invite representatives of organizations to cooperate. Appreciate our advantages:
• The company is staffed by employees who have worked successfully in the country’s government and abroad;
• Staff members have extensive practical experience and a good understanding of the nuances of contractual relations;
• Develop, review and provide legal expertise on all types of legal documents;
• Follow up transactions, prepare expert opinions;
• we propose to check the contract for errors and inaccuracies;
• advise on drafting contracts.

Our specialists will analyze the terms of any contract, identify and identify all possible risks, propose suitable formulations to protect your interests. If necessary, propose amendments to the treaty, prepare a protocol of disagreement or additional agreements to the treaty. Seek legal assistance from professionals, exclude financial and moral losses from relationships with partners!

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