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Debt collection

Debt collection

Debt collection - is a complex and often unpleasant process that requires not only legal but also specialized psychological skills as well as the professional experience of a bailiff to succeed. The collection process involves special methods and techniques aimed at encouraging the debtor to voluntarily repay the debt, as well as practical skills in dealing with government enforcement authorities.

Legvard Company successfully returns money for organizations of all forms of ownership and spheres of activity both in Belarus and abroad:

  • corporate clients (official dealers, producers of goods and services, wholesalers, other legal entities and sole proprietors);
  • credit organizations (microfinance companies, private organizations, banks);
  • financial companies (factoring, leasing companies, investment organizations);
  • operators (Telecommunications, Information and Communication Technology and Content Service Providers);
  • transport and brokerage companies (carriers, freight forwarders, declarants and agents).

The efficiency and results of cooperation with our managers and lawyers have already been evaluated by thousands of entrepreneurs, to whom we have collected tens of millions of EUR.
All cooperation with our company takes place according to the following scheme:

debt collection in Belarus

After signing the agreement, our specialists immediately start to implement the agreed strategy of debt recovery. For effective debt collection and operational tracking of the collection stage, we, together with Russian software developers in the field of collection and banking, have developed and implemented a program for maintaining and accounting the recovery process for each company and its debtor. All this allows us to control the recovery process and always maintain high standards in the provision of legal services.

Our specialists have a long-standing practice of professional debt collection at all stages of the debt. We are constantly improving, sharing our experience and advanced technologies with our colleagues from Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania, as well as taking care of the level of qualification of our employees, whose skills we certify and upgrade at seminars and trainings. The pattern of recovery of problematic debt is simplified as follows:

receivables. Legal services in Belarus

Legal Company «Legvard» helps to recover debts of any type and complexity, including fines, damages, additional expenses, damages, interest for use of other money, penalty and forfeit. Our employees use only legal lawful methods.
As a matter of standard, we aim to collect debt from the debtor only in cash. However, if the debtor does not have and does not foresee the necessary funds in the near future, our specialists, with your consent, are ready to obtain payment of the debt by the goods, property, receivables or services of the debtor. In parallel, our specialists always search and check the debtor’s affiliates and companies, analyze its business activities for fraud and involvement of the debtor in illegal or questionable schemes, based on the results of which, recommendations are provided on further legally significant actions against the debtor.
Additionally, for our regular clients, our lawyers have developed a mechanism for regressive re-charging of the cost of our services to collect the troubled debt to the debtor. Thus, the clients who work with us are fully entitled to recover the cost of our legal services from the debtor!

Why should we be the ones?

1. Our services are paid only after the fact of full or partial repayment of the debt by the deptor, which is a guarantee of our efficiency.
2. We are using a field practice that has proven to be a lot better than phone calls and letters.
3. For effective recovery of debts, our company uses methods and procedures developed by our specialists, within the framework of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, thanks to many years of professional practice of our employees in the judicial bodies, in the positions of bailiffs and management staff of the Enforcement Division.
4. We always work our debts meticulously and thoroughly, not allowing the debtor to carry on business comfortably with your money.

The solution of problems with debtors is the work of the team Limited Liability Company (LLC) «Legvard». Give us a call now or leave a request on the website and we will justify your trust!

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