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Legal advice

Legal advice

Commercial and public companies operate in a competitive market. High level of competition requires immediate resolution of financial and business conflicts. It is almost impossible to do this without professional legal assistance. The initial stage of mutual cooperation between lawyers and individual entrepreneurs and legal entities is legal advice.
We invite representatives of Individual Entrepreneur and Legal Persons of the Republic of Belarus as well as heads of companies from other countries to take advantage of our consultation. In the competence of our specialists issues related to solving legal problems of business. By contacting us you can get legal advice in any format. Online and offline consultation of choice.

Issues to be addressed by the consultation
The advice of a qualified lawyer will help you solve your problems in a legal framework. Often, a conflict can be resolved without litigation if the strategy and tactics of conduct are properly developed at a preliminary meeting with a legal scholar.

Solving the company’s internal problems
Problems within the company lead to violations of the law, slowing down the activities of employees, conflicts between them. The assistance of a lawyer in this case cannot be overestimated, the specialist will provide competent advice in the following areas:
• Drafting and reviewing contracts for compliance with the law and correcting errors. Drafting of various annexes and additions to the text of the document, advice on treaty paragraphs;
• Power of attorney: drawing up power of attorney in accordance with legal instruments and terms of reference;
• Legal advice to the head of the enterprise, personnel changes and appointments, the processing of documents and applications to the court, the bailiff;
• Assistance in claim processing: making claims, calculating penalties, fines and interest on the use of other funds. Verification of counterparties on lists of bad-faith companies, collection of receivables.
These areas are standard for almost all organizations in the Republic of Belarus. A lawyer always has a plan of action to share with you for advice. In the future, the plan will be adapted to the specific features of the company’s activity, on the basis of which the optimal ways of resolving disputed situations will be developed.
Development of a strategy
It is not uncommon for a conflict to fail to be resolved on a pre-trial basis. In such a case, a strategy for court conduct, a statement of claim and accompanying annexes are required. The consultation develops tactics for the conduct of the trial, examines the materials of the dispute and gives a legal assessment.
Daily activity of companies also requires legal advice, our employee will always give advice on what to pay attention when concluding contracts.

Talk to professionals

The Legal Aid Clinic will not be able to solve the problems of the enterprise in the legal sphere immediately, but it is possible to plan ways of solving them in a meeting with a lawyer, discussion of legal conflicts with a professional will help:
• to respond properly to the problem without waiting for counterparties to do so;
• resolve a dispute within the law without resorting to violations;
• be able to discuss in confidence the enterprise’s plan of action without referring to third parties;
• prevent in advance a problem that could lead to unpleasant consequences in the future.
The solution of these tasks makes consultation a convenient tool for the conduct of business within the enterprise and with the counterparties. Legal literacy is the basis for success in a competitive environment. Timely legal advice in consultation format - a convenient format for finding legal solutions.

Our consultants have gained experience in government enforcement agencies, know well how to prevent losses and optimize relations with counterparties.

Legal advice helps to realize the mission of our company - to make all legal issues simple, safe and effective. After all, it is the clarification of an issue that is half the solution to an urgent problem.

Ask for help from professional lawyers, we have established ourselves as reliable partners for many companies in Belarus and abroad, we will definitely help you!

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